JJ Watt hospital visit

Houston Texans’ star defensive end JJ Watt has shown plenty of times that he gives back to his fans, and he did so again this week. After he saw that a young fan was in need of a new jersey, Watt came to the rescue.

Noah Fulmer, who is only eight years old, was seriously injured in an unfortunate New Year’s Eve car accident in Matagorda Beach, Texas, along with three others. While emergency personnel went to work on Fulmer, they had to cut off the Watt jersey he was wearing at the time.¬†Marc Carapia, a relative of Fulmer, later tweeted at Watt explaining what happened to the young fan.

Watt was quick with his response and made sure that Carapia and Fulmer knew that he was going to make the situation right.

Fulmer was rushed to the local children’s hospital in Houston where he had to undergo multiple surgeries for his two broken legs. The accident involved a speeding Toyota Tundra running into two parked cars, one of which Fulmer was getting into when the accident occurred.

On Tuesday, Watt visited Noah after surgery, brought him new jerseys, and tried to help cheer him up:

Cory Fulmer, Noah’s father, said his son was thrilled to see his favorite player in the hospital room.

The elder Fulmer was impressed with how quickly Watt responded to the tweet and how kind Watt was to his son, saying, “I knew he’d done stuff like that before. I knew he was a good person.”

Here’s another look at Watt visiting Noah in the hospital:


It is a long road ahead for Noah, as he faces multiple more surgeries, including the removal of his big toe on his left foot. Athletes being philanthropic isn’t anything new, but it is nonetheless encouraging to see someone with Watt’s status reach out to Noah after this horrible accident.

You can donate to the family’s GoFundMe for Noah’s treatments here.


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