Sunday wasn’t only Opening Day for hundreds of NFL players. It was also Opening Day for coaches, executives, broadcasters, ushers, concession workers, ticket salesmen, scalpers, clean-up crews and—don’t forget—stadium security.

So it should be little surprise to see that before the Browns-Steelers game Sunday in Cleveland, security thought to test out its procedure for when a fan runs onto the field. Luckily, Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas was around to record the scene and provide some commentary.

The national anthem playing in the background is really an excellent little touch. Nothing more American than four guys ganging up on another as he runs away… or something.

It’s not totally clear whether this is some sort of required training or just some dudes messing around. It does seem like it’d be useful for security to practice their response to fans on the field, but the guys involved seemed to be having a lot of fun doing it.

Regardless, they seemed to have the whole exercise down pat. They really locked the “runner” into a corner and finished him off with a great tackle.

Oh and when Joe Thomas is done playing football, he might have a career as the next Kevin Harlan.

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