No one had a more interesting weekend than Kanye West.

On Thursday the rapper debuted his new album and fashion line before a jam-packed Madison Square Garden, and streamed the proceedings to the world. If you have not seen the show yet, it is an entrancing 86 minutes that is nearly impossible to look away from.

He then promised the album would drop on Friday, but then backtracked and blamed Chance the Rapper for holding up the proceedings.

On Saturday, West stopped by SNL to perform songs from his new album, The Life of Pablo, and announce its availability to the world.

Finally, West jumped back on Twitter Sunday to deliver another incredible rant. It’s quite long and much of it involved West pleading for funding for his ideas, but here are the highlights:

7. Comparing himself to Walt Disney…

Because if there’s one thing Disney is known for, it’s “dope s—.” In fact, that might be the Disney Channel’s official slogan.

6. … After comparing himself to Steph Curry AND Michael Jordan

What’s better than comparing yourself to Disney? Comparing yourself to Michael Jordan AND Steph Curry, which might cause us to carefully consider the real definition of “generation.”

5. Asking Mark Zuckerberg to invest in Kanye himself

Why did West single out Mark Zuckerberg? Unclear. Although he might have better luck convincing him if he posted this on Facebook instead of one of their biggest competitor’s platforms.

4. Proclaiming he plans to win all of the GRAMMYs

The GRAMMYs are generally looked down upon as far as award shows go, but West is still dead set on winning as many as possible. Even though perhaps his best critically received album was not even nominated — something he acknowledges in this tweet — he is still doggedly determined to win in a flawed system.

3. Giving out some worthwhile advice

This is actually a pretty good mantra, but I am not sure the two are mutually exclusive.

2. Making promises on what he will accomplish with Zuckerberg’s help 

This reminds me of one of my favorite Kanye anecdotes of all time, courtesy of Dave Chapelle.

1. Asking to alter the English language itself

This is how he ended the entire rant. Seriously. Never change, Kanye. The world just would not be nearly as fun.

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