Video: Drake as Manny Pacquiao sings ‘Let it Go’ for ESPYs

Between hosting Saturday Night Live last season and performing the same duties at the ESPYs Wednesday night, Drake is becoming a go-to entertainer for sketch comedy. It most certainly helps that the rapper is funny and willing to make himself look ridiculous for the sake of a joke.

One of the highlights of the ESPYs broadcast was Drake’s impersonation of boxer Manny Pacquiao for a recorded skit.

As a big Pacquiao fan who’s watched every HBO 24/7 series he’s participated in, I thought Drake nailed the boxer’s style of speaking and various mannerisms. Gary Cole as clueless music producer Bernie Champion pushes the whole endeavor to hilarious.

Hearing “Let it Go” yet again didn’t even seem so bad with these guys singing it. Even if the sound engineer has to “use every button on this machine to make this shit sound good.”

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