Cole Hamels suspended five games

The Cole Hamels-Bryce Harper beaning incident already has a conclusion: Hamels has been suspended five games by the MLB and fined an undisclosed amount. So essentially, Hamels is being fined and having his start pushed back a day for admitting to throwing at someone.

The lack of consistency here from the MLB confuses me. Ubaldo Jimenez hits Troy Tulowitzki this spring, denies it, and gets five games. Jeanmar Gomez throws at Mike Moustakas last month, denies it, and gets five games. Hamels hits Harper, admits that he intentionally did it….and gets five games. So essentially, the MLB is saying in this situation that admitting you’re throwing at a player on purpose is just as bad as denying it? Huh?

It seriously makes no sense to me. The vitriol towards Harper being thrown about on Twitter also makes no sense to me, considering that most fans had never seen him play a full game before last weekend, and that their only exposure to him was on SportsCenter. I’d really like to see more consistency from the league here, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get it. 

A five game suspension for a pitcher is a joke considering that teams run five man rotations. If there’s an offday in the middle of those five games, it doesn’t screw up the team’s rotation at all. Major League Baseball really needs to change SOMETHING about the way it suspends pitchers, because five games for a starting pitcher is nowhere near as impactful to the team as five games for a hitter.

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