Brandon Belt’s extension shows Giants’ commitment to their own

For a long time, the knock on the San Francisco Giants’ farm system was that it was awful at developing position players. While the organization could churn out quality arm after quality arm, they couldn’t do the same for bats as hard as they tried. All of that changed when Buster Posey arrived in 2010 […]

MVP candidate Justin Upton

Behold a dark horse: 10 surprise MVP candidates for 2016

Everyone likes to sound smart. It’s just a fact of life: Everyone wants to be the one to know something no one else knows, especially amongst your group of dumb friends. So when your dumb friends start talking about who’s going to win the MVP this year and they all agree it’ll be Paul Goldschmidt, […]

The good, the bad, the gross: 10 crazy new ballpark foods for 2016

The race to clog the arteries of baseball fans heats up every year around this time, when teams unveil their newest culinary creations for the upcoming season. This year was no exception; in fact, teams seemed to step it up a notch in the race to have the craziest food item in all of baseball. […]

Ranking MLB ownership by likability

Do you have strong feelings about your favorite team’s owner? Do you wish some billionaire would sweep in, buy your team, and spend an insane amount of money on every free agent available? You’re probably not alone. Baseball fans don’t seem to have the same intensity of feelings about their team’s ownership as, say, football […]

Ranking baseball’s best and worst looking uniforms for 2016

Last year, we took on the seemingly impossible task of ranking each MLB team’s uniforms from worst to first. Needless to say, controversy ensued: Fans thought their team was ranked too low, others thought we ranked certain teams too high, and everyone generally agreed we were just wrong. It was fun. So with a number of […]

2016 season preview: San Francisco Giants

Anyone who writes a season preview of the San Francisco Giants is contractually obligated to mention it’s an even year, so here it is: it’s an even year. Now that that’s out of the way, the Giants went into the offseason with major holes to fill in the starting rotation and the outfield. One huge […]

2016 season preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

After a disappointing first round playoff exit this past October, just about everyone expected the Dodgers to clean up in free agency in preparation for a deeper playoff run. Instead, they were outbid by a division rival for Zack Greinke, passed on adding any of the bigger names that were available, and decided the best […]

The winners and losers of the 2016 MLB offseason

Winning the offseason is probably the least important thing a team can do, but it’s February, football is over, and there’s nothing significant to talk about until April. So, it’s time for offseason winners and losers! A few teams did very well for themselves this winter, and a few…well, they’re not going to be winning […]

Signing Howie Kendrick the latest move in the Dodgers’ winter of depth

The Dodgers have opted to go for depth rather than flash this offseason, building a roster that can compete in the NL West and hopefully withstand the rigors of a full season instead of spending big on a name. It’s a calculated strategy that the Dodgers hope will give them one of the strongest all-around […]

The confounding, fascinating Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks are weird. Well, maybe weird isn’t the best word. “Compelling,” “fascinating,” and “head-scratching” also could work. Arizona seems to operate under their own set of rules, and Dave Stewart and Tony La Russa don’t care how the moves they make are perceived. Over the last year alone, some of those moves include: Trading away […]

Big-spending Giants have baseball’s best bargain in Madison Bumgarner

The San Francisco Giants opened up their wallets this winter, and as a result they’ll have one of baseball’s most expensive starting rotations. Take a look at the 2016 salaries of their four most expensive starters: Matt Cain: $21 million Johnny Cueto: $15.8 million Jake Peavy: $15 million Jeff Samardzija: $10.8 million That’s a whole […]

Carlos Gonzalez of the rebuilding Rockies

Where’s CarGo? Five teams that could use Carlos Gonzalez

The Colorado Rockies made one of the more curious moves of the winter the other day, signing outfielder Gerardo Parra to a three-year deal that gives them a surplus of starting-caliber outfielders. Chances are they’re looking to move one of them, and the most likely candidate to be dealt is Carlos Gonzalez. Gonzalez has performed […]

Risk and reward: Giants’ offseason leaves plenty of questions

The Giants came into this offseason with a number of glaring holes to address; namely, an aging, broken rotation and a need for another outfielder. They decided their best course of action was to take piles of money and throw them at those holes. And while the additions the Giants made definitely seem to make […]

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Re-signing Alex Gordon signals change in Royals’ philosophy

Re-signing Alex Gordon was an important move for the Kansas City Royals and their chances in 2016. But it may have been more important for the impression it left on Royals fans and the baseball world in general: the days of small market Kansas City being pushed around by big budget teams may be over. […]

New Year’s resolutions for every MLB team

Ah, the new year. A time for making resolutions to make yourself a better person, live a healthier life, and to be happier. And to completely forget about and ignore those resolutions a few weeks later. It’s a tradition unlike any other. What if every team in baseball made a new year’s resolution at the […]