Ultimate guide to Super Bowl prop bets

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means it’s time to open your mouths and stuff your stomachs with the year’s finest choices of junk food.  It also means it’s time to open up your pocketbook and put your money where your mouth is and make some bold and sometimes entertaining bets.

Super Bowl is obviously not only the biggest sports event of the year but also the biggest sports gambling game of the year as well. The Super Bowl is usually one of the most entertaining nights of the year regardless if you put money on the game or not, but there are a lot of people that like to put that extra fun into the big game by making some form of wager on the game.

Here are some of the most fun and entertaining prop bets out there on Super Bowl Sunday.


Analysis: While Kelly Clarkson has experience of performing on the big stage (American Idol finals, Grammys and even Football games) I think the a new weight she added in the offseason will slow her down and take her over the 1 minute and 34 second mark.

However,Clarkson was offered full scholarships to The University of Texas at Austin, University of North Texas, and Berkley which makes me believe that she will be able to do the anthem without a mistake.

As for what she’ll wear, Kelly has recently adopted a “I do it my way” attitude and I believe this will lead to a wardrobe choice not associated to the NFL.


Analysis: The odds are slightly favoring the Giants (-130) to score first overall, but among individual players Gronkowski and Hernandez combine for better than 1/4 odds. Considering the Giants’ linebackers and Brady’s deadly accuracy in the red zone, that’s where my money is.


Analysis: With the uncertainty of Peyton Manning’s future and the fact that this story line only gets bigger by the day, I think the smart money is on over on both Manning and Irsay.

As for Giselle, this one is tough because if they show her once you win. But she likes to stay out of the public eye and does a pretty good job with it, I think I’d go under.

As far as the Tyree catch, please please be under, it’s enough already. I have already seen this play one million times this weekend.


Analysis: While you never know with Madonna, you have to believe she will rock the classic blonde Material Girl look. We’re leaning “yes” on the hat and “no” on the fishnets, though, as she has shown a harder edge to her look lately, including those over-sculpted arms that are all the rage among the aging Hollywood females.

Analysis: Yellow Gatorade sucks. Got to go with orange in this one, nice and bright for the TV cameras without staining in the post-game interviews. If they dump water, the communists will have won.

And as for a Pats/Mitt parley? Ha, no chance.

(Bonus: See the whole Super Bowl Prop Bets Infographic in one file.)