Josh Allen penalty Josh Allen was called for a penalty on this throw. Credit: NBC

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills fell to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night. With a nationwide audience tuned in for ‘Sunday Night Football’ on NBC, Allen and the Bills made a late comeback attempt that came up short. The 24-18 loss sent them down to 5-4 this season. While they were the center of discussion for the loss, they also caused a stir after officials called a penalty on the Buffalo quarterback.

Late in the second quarter, the referees called an intentional grounding penalty on Allen. The Bills quarterback attempted or appeared to try to throw the ball to wide receiver Gabriel Davis. A Cincinnati defensive back stopped him short or seemed to, and the ball sailed away. It was nowhere near Davis, so the refs called grounding.

But was that the right call?

Immediately, NBC’s Cris Collinsworth disagreed. Collinsworth bantered with NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay about the call. The former NFL tight end argued that it wasn’t grounding but that, instead, Davis ran an option route. He chose to stop running, and Allen made a poor read, Collinsworth said, so it wasn’t actually grounding. So he thought that, in the spirit of the rule, the call was incorrect. McAulay disagreed.

The NBC booth wasn’t the only place where there was debate on Sunday night. Online, fans went back and forth on it. There were several who sided with Collinsworth and not with the refs or McAulay’s position.

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