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The Green Bay Packers struggled again on Sunday afternoon. Green Bay hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but, they wound up on the wrong end of a 34-20 loss. The much-maligned Packer defense didn’t look great once again, either.

Fans were furious after the game. Green Bay fans directed much of their anger at defensive coordinator Joe Barry. The Packers’ DC has received a lot of criticism, but inaction by Matt LaFleur has caused unrest in the fanbase. It’s safe to say that Sunday afternoon’s performance did little to quell that unrest.

Well, if fans want any good news, it’s that LaFleur made it clear he’s noticed those transgressions.

The Green Bay head coach spoke about the team’s woeful performance at his postgame presser. One line from the press conference grabbed everyone’s attention.

Reporter Jason B. Hirschhorn wrote, “Packers HC Matt LaFleur adds that the defensive issues ‘aren’t an anomaly, they happen all the time.'”

The Packer defense came into the day ranked 19th in yards allowed per game, and, in general, it just hasn’t looked right. It’s been this way for a few years now, and those few years, unfortunately, have one common denominator: Joe Barry.

So, it will prove interesting to see what LaFleur and Green Bay’s next move is. LaFleur hired Barry initially, but he might have to now send him off if these struggles continue like this.

[Jason Hirschhorn]

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