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The New York Knicks find themselves in a rare position with a No. 2 seed in the 2024 NBA Playoffs and a prime opportunity to control their own destiny.

Knicks megafan Stephen A. Smith does not seem too concerned about the first team standing in their way of an NBA title: The Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers defeated the Miami Heat in their Play-In Tournament game Wednesday evening, advancing to become the 7-seed against the Knicks. On Thursday, Smith was asked on First Take whether or not the Knicks should be worried about the Sixers and he scoffed at the very notion.

“No,” Smith responded emphatically to the question. “We fine. Ain’t got nothing to be worried about. Like I told you before the game…it really don’t matter. I guess if I got to pick one, I’ll pick Miami, but it really don’t matter. We wanted both of them, personally.

Smith then got serious and noted that without a healthy Joel Embiid, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to Philly.

“Embiid ain’t healthy,” said Smith. “The only person that’s going to be able to have an answer for the pressure that the New York Knicks are gonna bring is Embiid, who once again, is hobbled.”

Smith added that he wasn’t very impressed with Philly’s win over the Heat, especially given that Jimmy Butler was “hobbled” and had he not, it would probably be Miami playing the Knicks in the playoffs.

“It’s damn near tantamount to Tiger Woods walking the course in four days, okay? Day one, he might be absolutely special. But attrition kicks in,” said Smith.

“I ain’t worried.”

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