Mike Tyson Syndication: USA TODAY

It’s safe to say that Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time, but he thinks there is one thing that could have made him even more dominant: psychedelic drugs.

This week, Mike Tyson went on the TMZ Sports show where he discussed the positive effects of psychedelics.

“Psychedelics is an enhancement more than a de-enhancement,” Tyson told TMZ when discussing the healing properties of the drugs, according to Fox News. “It allows you to go in that realm of just comfortability, relaxness, and prepare to reach your highest level. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

Tyson was asked if he believed that psychedelics would have made him a more “dangerous” fighter. And he strongly agreed that they would have and that he wished he did them in his prime.

“Yes. Yes. A better fighter. I wish I did it in my prime,” Tyson said.

But Tyson’s drug use is not limited to psychedelics. He also revealed that he is a strong advocate for marijuana and that he thinks the drug has long been misunderstood.

“We always thought cannabis was a de-enhancer, made you tired, made you weak, but it actually made you more alert and more studious to your field, to your profession,” Tyson said.

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