Hoverboards (which don’t actually hover) seem to be all the rage these days, to the point that even 49-year-old former boxing champions are getting into the action.

Mike Tyson’s foray into hoverboard land did not end well, however.

Via his own Instagram, here’s Iron Mike’s hoverboard adventure.

#hoverboard #knockout #MikeTysonBreaksBack #imtoooldforthisshit #cyboard

A video posted by Mike Tyson (@miketyson) on Dec 29, 2015 at 10:35am PST

It was all going so smoothly! He does a couple spins, smiles like a little kid and rides forward. We hear his daughter say, “Daddy, I don’t want you to fall,” but Mike has no worries. He’s got this hoverboard thing totally under control. Then, seemingly in slow motion, his faces twists, he starts to fall backward and then… thud. Tyson has taken a few hits in his day, so he’ll probably shake this one off OK.

But Tyson is not the first athlete to fall victim to the wrath of the hoverboard. Here’s MLB second baseman Dan Uggla losing his balance, via his wife’s Instagram.

Be careful hoverboarders!

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