Alabama star Mark Sears at the free throw line with his mom cheering him on. Photo Credit: ESPN Photo Credit: ESPN

The life of a college athlete can be a tough one, as fans largely are going to cheer you on when things are going well, and stay quiet when things aren’t. Luckily for Alabama star guard Mark Sears, he had a diehard fan cheering throughout Friday’s SEC Tournament matchup against the Florida Gators, which just so happened to be his mom.

Alabama fans had very little to cheer about throughout the quarterfinal matchup. Florida controlled this game early and often, taking a 15-point halftime lead into the second half that they would not end up relinquishing.

Sears individually struggled as well throughout much of the game, finishing the first half with just four points while shooting 2-for-8 from the floor and committing three turnovers.

Despite his struggles, Sears’ mom stayed committed to cheering him on, even when things were looking extremely bleak. Sears got to the free throw line while Alabama was trailing by 21 points in the second half. As he shot the free throws, his mom could be seen on the ESPN broadcast mimicking his free throw attempt and cheering when the two shots went in.

Fans took notice of this video on social media, praising her for her unwavering dedication even when the game looked to be close to out of reach.

Unfortunately, all of the cheering in the world couldn’t help Alabama prevail in this matchup. Florida would cruise on to a 102-88 victory to advance to a semifinal matchup against Texas A&M.

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