Duke's Kyle Filipowski appeared to trip an opponent Saturday, evoking memories of former Blue Devils star Grayson Allen's tripping incidents. Photo Credit: ESPN Photo Credit: ESPN

Duke’s Kyle Filipowski tripped an opponent Saturday night, and college basketball fans all got a sense of déjà vu.

The Blue Devils All-American center hit the floor along with North Carolina’s Harrison Ingram in their rivalry game. The Tar Heels forward quickly bounded to his feet to head down court. Filipowski appeared to purposely lift his leg to trip him.

Ingram initially kept his feet, then appeared to flop trying to draw a foul, although none was called.

Countless fans immediately drew parallels between that and several tripping incidents involving former Duke star Grayson Allen in 2016.

It was an especially bad look for Filipowski given the recent knee injury he suffered when Wake Forest fans stormed the court to celebrate an upset win over Duke. That incident prompted many analysts and fans to call for a ban on the practice, pointing to Filipowski’s injury as what could happen.

In case you’ve forgotten Allen’s tripping history, here’s a trip down memory lane.

So while fans blasted Filipowski’s act, the incident had the unintentional effect of sending Allen’s name trending on X/Twitter.

[The Field of 68 on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: ESPN]

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