Jaelen House led New Mexico to victory in the Mountain West Tournament final. His father, former NBA star Eddie House, cheered him on. Photo Credit: CBS Photo Credit: CBS

While Eddie House achieved a lot in his career in both college basketball and the NBA, it’s likely that nothing he accomplished excited House like what we saw on Saturday as he watched his son play.

House’s son, Jaelen House, is a senior guard on New Mexico’s team, which squared off against San Diego State in the Mountain West Championship Game on Saturday. With the Lobos leading by five late in the game, House (Jaelen) drove to the hoop and hit a tough shot. He was also fouled by Azetc guard, Darrion Trammell. But before House went to the line to try to convert the three-point play — which he did — the cameras found a very proud father in the crowd.

“That’s my ************* son,” House was seen saying. “That’s my ************* boy.”

While realizing that Eddie House has a son who’s a senior in college made some observers feel old, the moment itself was popular with basketball fans, who loved seeing a father’s raw joy over his son’s great play.

House not only converted the and-one but he led New Mexico in scoring in the 68-61 win. House’s 28 led the way while Jamal Mashburn Jr. — another son of a former NBA player — added 21.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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