When Grand Canyon arrived in Denver for its first NCAA Tournament game, there was a problem. The GCU uniforms did not make the trip. December 29, 2022; Phoenix, Ariz; USA; GCU head coach Bryce Drew talks with guard Josh Baker (22) as he plays against CBU during a game at Grand Canyon University. Ncaa Basketball Gcu Basketball California Baptist At Grand Canyon

The NCAA Tournament provides teams with many challenges. Chief among them, how will a team beat its next opponent and keep its season alive for one more game?

But on Wednesday, Grand Canyon University faced a rare, but also more serious issue. The uniforms did not arrive with the team.

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports reported GCU’s unfortunate dilemma.

As unique as the problem is, the solution is even more so.

The Antelopes are coached by Bryce Drew. Drew’s older brother, Scott Drew, is the head coach of the Baylor Bears. As luck would have it, the Bears — like the Antelopes — are in Denver.

So, Grand Canyon will not be holding Wednesday’s practice in their regular T-shirts, but in Baylor’s practice gear. Scott (per Norlander) provided arguably the quote of the tournament, saying “What are big brothers for?”

College basketball fans had a lot to say about both GCU’s problem and Baylor helping the Antelopes overcome it.

Norlander added that “The hope is GCU has its unis/warmups/shoes/all of it before the end of the night.”

For the sake of the Antelopes, we can only hope that the uniforms arrive in Denver in time. GCU will open the tournament on Friday as significant underdogs against No. 3 Gonzaga. That game will be tough enough to win without having to also worry about uniforms.

[Matt Norlander]

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