John Calipari Syndication: The Courier-Journal

As the NCAA Tournament gets underway this week, one of the biggest discussions around the event has to do with potential future expansion.

ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported last week that there have been discussions of expanding the field from 68 teams to “no more than 80 teams,” which would make for the first expansion since going from 65 to 68 teams starting in 2011.

It’s unclear if the proposal will come to be, but Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari let everyone know his thoughts on the matter.

Speaking to the media Wednesday ahead of Kentucky’s first-round matchup with the Oakland Golden Grizzlies, the hall-of-fame head coach noted that he wasn’t a fan of the proposal.

“I hope it stays where it is. You know, I know people get mad. They get mad at the committee. You won’t believe this. I’ve been mad at that committee a few times. But you may be mad because of your seed or where they’ve shipped you to. … But it doesn’t matter who the committee is. We’re all going to be upset,” Calipari said, via Brooke Pryor, ESPN.

He went on to note that he thinks the majority of coaches in the tournament would agree to him and warned the selection committee to “not mess with something that’s great.”

It will be interesting to see if Calipari’s words hold any weight with the committee when deciding the tournament’s future.