LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey celebrates with a trophy after defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes during the final round of the Women's Final Four NCAA tournament at the American Airlines Center. Apr 2, 2023; Dallas, TX, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey celebrates with a trophy after defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes during the final round of the Women’s Final Four NCAA tournament at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the Washington Post finally released their expose on LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey.

Mulkey came out before the article last week to condemn it and even threatened to sue the WaPo over it.

After the article came out, she had a few more words to say.

When asked by ESPN’s Holly Rowe what she thought about the article in a pre-game interview ahead of the Tigers’ 78-69 win over UCLA, Mulkey questioned the timing, and insisted she would not read it. “Are you really surprised by the timing of it? …I can tell you I haven’t read it, I don’t know that I will read it. I’ll leave that up to my attorneys.”

The piece really didn’t give much insight into what we already knew about the controversial head coach. It talks about her relationship with some of her former players, mainly Brittney Griner whom she coached with the Baylor Bears, and how she told Griner to hide her sexuality because she felt like if she came out, it could hurt the program.

Mulkey also called out another Baylor player, Emily Niemann, after she was seen with another woman. Mulkey reportedly told Niemann “It’s not a good look.” Mulkey also warned Niemann to be careful cause the university was watching. Baylor is a conservative Baptist college that frowns upon pre-marital sex and homosexuality.

Niemann eventually grew tired of Mulkey and she left. But Niemann later said that wasn’t because of Mulkey, but mainly the school’s strict policies.

Another player Mulkey had a problem with was Kelli Griffin. Griffin came out in high school and thought that Mulkey knew she was gay and told her mom she and the school would protect her, but apparently not.

Soon, according to Griffin, Mulkey started to question her about why she dressed like a boy. Griffin soon realized that Mulkey was not pleased that she was gay.

Mulkey even remarked that a lady wears a dress. Griffin transferred from Baylor too after she fought with an ex who also played for the Bears. While Griffin was suspended, the other player wasn’t, which led to her leaving.

To no one’s surprise, Mulkey of course denies these allegations as she has in the past. And some of her former players said Mulkey was not homophobic.

It hasn’t been a secret in the women’s basketball community that Mulkey does not approve of homosexuality. For years, she was able to hide behind Baylor’s policies to hide her disdain for her lesbian players.

Some, like Griner, stayed and continued to hide who they were for the sake of peace in the program, while others couldn’t take Mulkey’s bashing of them and their lifestyle.

In the meantime, Mulkey remains unapologetic about any of her past misdeeds and refuses, as she did in this article, to make any comments about it but she will make threats.

This may explain why other former players wanted to remain anonymous or refused to speak because of the backlash they might have received from Mulkey and others.

Still, it’s amazing how the brash, controversial head coach still manages to attract players to her programs despite her unwavering attitude.

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