Nolan Smith Nov 9, 2022; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Louisville Cardinals assistant coach Nolan Smith reacts during the second half against the Bellarmine Knights at KFC Yum! Center. Bellarmine defeated Louisville 67-66. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Draftees usually come to the Draft with a group of people including family, friends and in some cases, college coaches. And at least one college coach doesn’t believe that coaches should be there.

Nolan Smith just wrapped up his first season as an assistant at Arkansas after several years coaching at his alma mater, Duke. During Thursday’s Draft, Smith made it known that he doesn’t think coaches should be there with their players.

Smith tweeted, among other things, that he will never attend a draft with a player, unless that player specifically invites him.

“I will never go to the draft as a coach unless my player personally invites me and says Coach.. I want you there! Draft night is about the player and his family!!! Its not a photo op for me to post on IG to help with recruiting.”

Was Smith targeting any coach with his comment? With the obvious exception of Juwan Howard, the father and college coach of Jett Howard, there were two that stood out. Kentucky coach John Calipari and Duke coach Jon Scheyer were both at the draft on Thursday.

Scheyer, though, was specifically invited by Dereck Lively.

But regardless of who (if anyone) Smith was talking about, his tweet generated another response. Louisville went 4-28 under first-year coach Kenny Payne, with Smith as an assistant.

Knowing that, basketball fans were quick to note that worrying about attending the NBA Draft with his players may be a prime example of putting the cart before the horse.

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