Cam Newton Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Netflix released “Swamp Kings”, a four-episode miniseries chronicling the Florida Gators under Urban Meyer.

While reviews have been mixed, one notable former Gator was displeased with the series.

Cam Newton, who spent two seasons at Florida before ultimately ending up at Auburn where he won the Heisman, took to TikTok to share his thoughts and criticized how the series diminished the roles some players played in the school’s success, namely quarterback Chris Leak.

“Some of the things I did not like about the documentary was how they played Chris Leak, in my opinion,” Newton said. “I was watching it like, they said things like, ‘We were just one quarterback away.’ Like, bro. Chris Leak was that mother******. Let’s not forget how pretty of a ball he threw. Started as a freshman in the SEC from Independence High School out of Charlotte. Like, what are we talking about” Newton said.

He would go on to add, “Tebow is everything and some. But bruh, let’s not try to dim the lights of Chris Leak.”

Newton, who did not appear in the documentary, was also upset with how certain former players did not partake, saying, “I really wanted to hear from Percy Harvin, Joe Haden, the Pouncey twins.”

Despite these critiques, Newton said it was “a good documentary.”