Dabo Swinney Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney speaks in the Smart Family Media Center at the Smart Family Media Center at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson, S.C. Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023.

The Clemson Tigers have not had the season many expected this season, sitting at 4-4 on the year after their Week 9 loss to NC State. This led to one fan calling out head coach Dabo Swinney on a radio call-in show. And Swinney was having absolutely none of it.

The fan, known as Tyler from Spartanburg, South Carolina, called into Swinney’s weekly radio show on Monday to let him know that he believes he has not earned his massive salary.

Swinney proceeded to absolutely blast the caller, telling him that he is “a part of the problem” and that he could “apply for the job” if he didn’t like how Swinney is coaching the team.

He proceeded to hurl a few more insults toward the caller in an over 6-minute rant from Swinney.

“To answer your question, I started as the lowest paid coach in the business,” said Swinney. “I worked my *** off. I’m not gonna let this smart-*** kid get on the phone and tell me how to do my job. I work for the board of trustees.”

It’s about as angry as you will ever catch Swinney, who is typically pretty mild-mannered. And fans certainly took notice of it, ripping Swinney for his fiery response.

Swinney may be getting some heat for this response. But he obviously isn’t thrilled with their performance on the field this season. And the last thing he needs is a random caller calling him out for how much money he makes, which he earned with numerous successful years within the program.

Regardless, it seems like the poor season and the criticism may be getting to Swinney. And he will need to find a way to turn things around if he wants to avoid more callers like this for the rest of the season…

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