Apr 22, 2023; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during the first half of the spring game at Folsom Filed. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL star turned college football coach Deion Sanders shocked everyone when he decided to make the leap from Jackson State to join the Colorado Buffaloes last December. As Sanders prepares for his first season with the program, Andy Staples of On3 Sports discussed on the Awful Announcing Podcast how long he could see Sanders staying at Colorado.

Most expected Sanders to make the leap to a major college football program at some point. However, the choice of Colorado as his destination was a confusing one, considering the Buffaloes finished last season with a 1-11 record.

Sanders will look to transform this Colorado team into a winner much like he did at Jackson State at the FCS level. But that may not be quite as simple for him as he makes a major leap in terms of overall talent that he will be up against.

Andy Staples was asked by AA’s Brandon Contes whether Sanders would remain at Colorado for over or under four years. And Staples thought that four years was the exact time he expects Sanders to coach the Buffaloes.

“I’m gonna go with four,” said Staples when given the over/under question. “The idea is that he will either succeed and take another job that is better, or he will flop and be fired. I think he is going to do fine. I think he is going to improve that roster, I just don’t think he will do it as quickly as he did at Jackson State.”

Sanders and Colorado will be in the Pac-12 for the last time this coming season as they await their move to the Big 12. Unfortunately, Staples believes that the Pac-12 will be highly competitive for his one year in the conference, which could make his first year at the program quite difficult.

“His only year in the Pac-12 happens to be one of the deepest years the Pac-12 has ever had. They gotta go to Oregon, they have to play USC. They are not going to be able to handle those teams, they just don’t have the roster for it. But he did make the roster better already. And you give him a couple of years to recruit and I do think he’ll make them competitive in the new Big 12.”

Whether Colorado exceeds expectations or flops next season, Deion Sanders will undoubtedly have a ton of spotlight on him in his first season coaching at the FBS level.

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