Travis Hunter Credit: ESPN

Everyone’s interested in Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes. 

From Rob Gronkowski to Lil Wayne to Offset to Chauncey Billups, the stars and former athletes have shown up for the primetime matchup in Boulder. Sanders has done a lot to build up the hype and attention around his program, and the palpable buzz is akin to what we saw at Southern Cal with Pete Caroll in the early 2000s.

But in the age of social media, that’s been taken up a notch.

That was especially true during a late hit that game in the first half of Saturday night’s contest. With Colorado driving down the field, Buffaloes quarterback Sheduer Sanders threw a pass that was intended for Travis Hunter. There was already one flag down, as the cornerback covering the two-way superstar had been flagged for interference, but another flag came flying after a late, dirty hit from Colorado State.

After the ball had already bounced out of bounds, and out of the reach of Hunter’s outstretched arms, Rams’ defensive back Henry Blackburn delivered a late blow. The hit in question very easily could’ve resulted in an ejection, as Blackburn took Hunter out of the game. But somehow, he was only issued a 15-yard penalty, as Hunter, who clearly had the wind knocked out of him, tried to catch his breath on the sideline.

Those in the CFB world were quick to react to the dirty hit on Hunter:


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