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When former United States President Donald Trump stepped out on the field during halftime of Saturday’s rivalry showdown between the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks, he likely expected a strong ovation from the fans in attendance. While Trump certainly did get cheers from some fans, he also got plenty of boos – especially from the Clemson marching band.

When Donald Trump took to the field at halftime of the game to be introduced to the crowd, several members of the Clemson marching band gave him the opposite of a warm welcome.

In a video shared on social media by Olivia Rinaldi of CBS News, the band members can be seen booing the former president and giving him thumbs-down signs.

One band member even took it a step further, yelling “Have fun in prison!” to Trump, in reference to the 91 felony counts the former president is facing in four different states due to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The video of the former president getting loudly booed by the Clemson marching band quickly went viral on social media as people offered their reactions.


Trump certainly had many supporters in the stadium, but it’s safe to say the Clemson band is not among them.

[Olivia Rinaldi]