Former President of the United States Donald Trump waves to a supporter while attending the game between the Iowa State Cyclones and the Iowa Hawkeyes at Jack Trice Stadium. Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump showed up at Jack Trice Stadium for the annual rivalry game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones.

While the winner of the game, Iowa, received the Cy-Hawk Trophy, Trump is hoping that he’ll receive a victory in the Iowa primary in November en route to potentially being the Republican candidate for President once more.

The four-time indicted Trump made a rare appearance in Iowa this election cycle and there was plenty of fanfare around his visit.

Some fans cheered for him while others booed his arrival. And some Iowa State fans were even seen flipping Trump off as a welcome to their football game.

Several photos of Cyclones fans giving Trump the bird made their way onto social media.

In one photo, it even appears that Trump looks right at the man giving him double middle fingers from the crowd.

Another photo also appeared to show Trump giving a middle finger of his own, kinda. Though it’s unclear if that was purposeful or just some kind of weird hand motion, or if he was cleaning off the glass separating him from the crowd.

It’s never a dull moment when Donald Trump shows up to events like this.

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