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The sports world just blasted a completely bogus result in the Dr. Pepper Challenge.

The time-honored college football championship weekend tradition rolled on this weekend. But not without controversy. Down in Atlanta at halftime of the SEC Championship Game, two scholarly individuals battled for the tuition prize.

The two contestants were tied at the end of the game. Many onlookers clamored for an extra overtime period between the two contestants in the Dr. Pepper Challenge. However, we learned of a “tiebreaker contest” that took place the day before! And so a winner was announced by CBS’ Jenny Dell.

Dell proclaimed, “Reagan Whitaker is the winner because she won the tiebreaker challenge yesterday!”

Hidden tiebrekear challenges? Is nothing sacred? As Memphis radio personality Chris Vernon tweeted, “‘Because she won the tie-breaker challenge yesterday’ ?!?!?! in the Dr. Pepper Challenge. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We didn’t know anything about a tie-breaker challenge!! PLAY IT OUT!!”

The sports world wasn’t short on reaction. Some decided that maybe it was time to look into these rules. Former WWE Champion Big E tweeted, “We need to address the Dr. Pepper overtime rules in the off-season.”

Others pointed out some absurdities. UPROXX writer Brian Grubb tweeted, “Dr. Pepper Halftime Challenge winner just said ‘I wanna thank God for letting me be here. Shoutout to Dr. Pepper,’ which is almost certainly the first time those two sentences have been said back to back.”

Other reactions provided great hilarity and befuddlement.

UPDATE (7:34 p.m. ET): Bullying works. Dr. Pepper decided to award both students the $100,000 tuition prize. The update was provided on the CBS broadcast of the SEC Championship Game.


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