EA Sports College Football 25

The college football world is absolutely buzzing over the awaited launch of EA Sports College Football 25. It’s been a long eleven years, but college football fans will get a new video game title for the first time since EA Sports NCAA Football 14. Lawsuits and other blockades kept it from happening, but now, we’re well on our way. The game is set to come out this summer. However, challenges are emerging, namely over the payouts for the game.

As part of a licensing agreement, players who opt into the game will receive $600 and a free copy of the new EA Sports College Football 25 title. This isn’t enough, according to the College Football Players’ Association. Pro Football Talk wrote an article Thursday with quotes from the group, who are furious with EA over their handling of this.

The CFBPA believes the players are being “treated like children,” the article, which came via Front Office Sports.

Via Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk wrote that the group told Front Office Sports, “The news here is that this is the first group licensing deal in sports business history to not include royalties. CFB players get a video game instead of royalties. The athletes of the second-most popular sport in America are being treated like children. Video games instead of [cash].”

The players face challenges themselves, though, as reactions from that quote revealed.


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