College football's early signing period is reportedly moving up in December, and there also may be a summer period coming. Fans aren't happy. University logos cover a wall in the lobby of NCAA headquarters Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, in Indianapolis. Ncaa National Collegiate Athletics Association Office Headquarters In Indianapolis Feb 25 2021

Thursday night, The Athletic reported that college football will be moving the early signing period a couple of weeks ahead in December and also a summer signing period is being considered.

Three signing periods would be unprecedented at any time in the history of the sport, the latest in a long line of changes that have made college football look much different than at any other point.

While some fans are in favor of the proposal, others are upset over yet another change to the sport they hold dear.

Fans made sure to make their opinions known on social media.

Writer Cyrus Smith is frustrated with the proposed timing, which would put the early period right in the middle of conference championship week. “Why can’t they hold this the week of Army-Navy and the Heisman ceremony?” Smith asked. writer Creg Stephenson points out another reason why the new timing could be an issue. “If signing day is moved up to the first Wednesday in December, that’s a week before many high school football state championship games & the same week as some of them,” Stephenson noted.

Another fan doesn’t see the point of adding a summer signing period.  “In a time where the portal and NIL are insane we are focusing on adding a 3rd singing day when usually no more than 5 blue chip recruits are signing in February,” they said.

One fan has an interesting perspective on how this could help small schools, saying, “The big programs will complain like Saban used to because they can’t spend the week recruiting since they’re in a title game. That’s the point. Let the losing programs have a shot to get kids too.”