Mardy Gilyard was an accomplished receiver and return man for Brian Kelly at Cincinnati. Years later, he doesn't like his former coach. Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU Tigers fell to 3-2 on the season after losing a 55-49 shootout to the Ole Miss Rebels Saturday night in Oxford.

A back-and-forth affair, the game featured 14 total touchdowns, and Ole Miss set a new single-game school record for total yards in an SEC game, as the Rebels finished with 706 yards of offense.

LSU had a chance to score a touchdown in the final seconds, but Jayden Daniels’ final pass was tipped up and out of the end zone.

LSU looked to be in control but allowed two touchdowns over the final five minutes to lose the game. This is the first time LSU has lost two games in September since the 2017 season in which the Tigers finished the year 9-4

Brian Kelly is now 13-6 as coach of LSU, which is fine, but is ‘fine’ what LSU is looking for from the $95 million coach?

Social media had plenty to say about Kelly following the game.

One fan aired his frustrations with Kelly, saying, “I’m not saying we should fire Brian Kelly (not yet) but I am saying that this is not at all what we were promised. But hey, we got a random two point conversion against Alabama that one time.”

Another had a more simple solution, suggesting they just leave Kelly and defensive coordinator Matt House in Oxford.

Another aired their grievances with Kelly, saying “I’m sorry but this has been a HORRIBLE job of coaching and ultimately it falls on the shoulders of Brian Kelly”

Another simply said, “Brian Kelly is not the guy.”