While Ohio State running back Chip Trayanum and the rest of the Buckeyes deserve a lot of credit for the game-winning touchdown in Saturday night’s top-10 clash against Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish deserve a lot of blame for what happened.

Because while Ohio State’s offense executed the game-winning drive well, two mental blunders from Notre Dame made things easier for the Buckeyes.

Shortly after the game, screenshots of Trayanum’s winning touchdown circulated online. The Fighting Irish lined up with only 10 men on the field.

And as bad as that is, it gets worse.

Notre Dame also had 10 men on the field on the previous play, which was an incomplete pass. Making matters worse, that was coming out of a time-out.

As one might expect, Notre Dame and more specifically, the Notre Dame coaching staff, was widely criticized for these blunders.

After the game, Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman was asked about having 10 men on the field for Trayanum’s touchdown run. Freeman acknowledged that he saw that his team was short-handed and the Fighting Irish were trying to get an extra defensive lineman on the field. But realizing it would likely result in a penalty and that Notre Dame didn’t have a time-out remaining, the coach opted to play with 10 men.

Freeman did acknowledge that “It’s on us and we’ve got to be better.”

It’s one thing to lose because the other team’s 11 players were better than yours. But when such an obvious mental mistake contributes to the loss, it’s significantly worse.

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