Did coaches from other schools help Oregon prepare for Deion Sanders and Colorado? According to Keyshawn Johnson's sources, yes. Photo Credit: Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard /USA TODAY NETWORK Photo Credit: Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard /USA TODAY NETWORK

For the first three weeks of the season, Colorado was the talk of the college football world. After going 1-11 in 2022, the Buffaloes jumped out to a 3-0 start under first-year coach Deion Sanders. Colorado came back to earth in Week 4, with Oregon’s 42-6 domination. But in a way, Colorado is still the talk of the college football world.

What happened to the Buffaloes against the Ducks? Speaking on Undisputed on Monday, Keyshawn Johnson made one obvious observation before making a rather head-turning claim.

Johnson made it clear that the better team won the game, saying “They played against an Oregon team that is better. They’re a better football team.” But then he made a more interesting comment.

“I spoke to somebody in the coaching fraternity right after the game,” Johnson said. “And they know some people that coach at Oregon. And they were telling me, they said, ‘Man, I’ve never heard from another assistant coach of how much information was being given to that staff,’ about, I’m being real with you, about game-planning against Colorado. So they could beat them. That’s the reality of it. I ain’t making this up. I ain’t gonna disclose names, but you all know who I’m talking about if you’re watching.”

While some seemed to believe this, most people were significantly more skeptical. The reason for the skepticism was rather simple. As Johnson noted, Oregon is a significantly better football team.

There’s another issue that needs to be considered. As we look ahead to Week 4 of the NFL season, we see that the San Francisco 49ers are hosting the Arizona Cardinals. Coaches in the NFC certainly see the 49ers as a bigger threat than the Cardinals. So even if they’re close friends with Kyle Shanahan and/or don’t like Jonathan Gannon at all, they’re probably not going to be too likely to offer any pointers to help the 49ers. It’s counterproductive. The same logic applies here.

More than that, the Ducks didn’t do anything particularly abnormal or fancy to win the game. They were simply able to exploit Colorado’s obvious weaknesses in a way that TCU, Nebraska and Colorado State could not — especially with Travis Hunter out. It doesn’t mean that the sky is falling in Boulder. It means that the Buffs lost a game to a better team and everyone got a pretty good indicator that, as good as Colorado has been, the program still has a ways to go.


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