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The Alabama Crimson Tide’s experiment at quarterback almost ended in disaster Saturday as the Crimson Tide survived beating South Florida, 17-3.

The Tide’s offense was anemic most of the afternoon unable to move the football because of terrible offensive line play and sloppy quarterback play.

Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson combined for 106 yards passing on the day. Simpson seemed to have better control of the offense in the second half and led the Tide on two scoring drives.

ESPN’s  Paul Finebaum thinks that the Tide is in trouble and he points the finger at new offensive coordinator Tommy Rees for their troubles.

Finebaum said Rees has been a disaster so far for Alabama.

“For the life of me, I don’t understand what Tommy Rees, the offensive coordinator is doing,” Finebaum said. “Quite frankly, I don’t know what Tommy Rees is even doing there after 3 weeks. There were jokes on my Twitter line about whether he would make the plane coming home, and I’m not really sure he should. So far, I think Tommy Rees has been a disaster as Nick Saban’s offensive coordinator. He has changed — he clearly went with the wrong quarterback in (Tyler) Buchner, that’s the guy that followed him from Notre Dame. Ty Simpson had some moments, but he’s still young and raw and against big-time SEC competition I think he could be under a lot of pressure.”

Finebaum also thinks that Nick Saban needs to stop listening to Rees and play Jalen Milroe.

“So Jalen Milroe to me would be the likely starter, that’s who I would start,” Finebaum said. “But then again, Nick Saban apparently is only listening to Tommy Rees, which is one reason why I think this program is in such turmoil right now.”

Nick Saban has not announced who his starter will be against Ole Miss, but based on his comments last night, Finebaum may be right, he may go back to Milroe.


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