Paul Finebaum

There have been doubters about how well the Alabama Crimson Tide will do this season, but recently the Tide has seen a shift in sentiment, including a change of heart by Paul Finebaum.

Finebaum explained recently why the Tide is now receiving so much praise compared to a few weeks ago.

He thinks it’s because of Nick Saban.

“It’s the Georgia game and the SEC championship game that people can’t escape or take out of their mind,” Finebaum said. “They see that happening, perhaps again. I think when you look at the two programs, Georgia looks like a better program. But, how many people right now would take Kirby Smart over Nick Saban to win one game? I know I wouldn’t.”

Despite Georgia beating Nick Saban and Alabama two years ago to win the school’s first national championship in four decades, the Bulldogs are still 1-4 against Alabama in head-to-head matchups between Smart and Saban.

Finebaum thinks if the pair potentially met again in the SEC Championship, the results would still favor the Crimson Tide.

“That plays into the equation here. Assuming that those two meet, would you go against Nick Saban in a moment like that, where so much was on the line?” Finebaum asked. “That’s why you see it. I think some of the national commentators are just thinking Nick Saban for reasons, maybe other than what’s on that roster. There’s a sentimental effect and then there’s an emotional effect.”

He may be right but as the past has shown, it’s never a good idea to bet against Saban.

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