Stetson Bennett

Stetson Bennett is not your typical college football senior, at age 25.

So when the Georgia Bulldogs quarterback started out hot in the CFP National Championship, many fans felt compelled to debate his age on Twitter.

Many fans poked fun at Bennett’s relatively advanced age, while others claimed his maturity gave him an unfair advantage over the TCU Horned Frogs. Others defended him, saying his age is no big deal.

“Stetson Bennett and Tom Brady are the same age,” tweeted NFL Memes.

One fan tweeted, “-Trevor Lawrence age 23. Two years in the NFL … Justin Herbert age 24. Two years in the NFL … Justin Fields age 23. One year in the NFL. Stetson Bennett age 25. Still throwing passes to teenagers in college.”

In fact, Herbert has three seasons in the NFL while Fields has two.

I’ve never seen so many people care about a players age until it came to Stetson Bennett honestly, and I really don’t understand the complaints,” tweeted CFBLive247.

Brandon Curry tweeted, “Stetson Bennett is older than FIVE NFL playoff team’s QBs, the same age as Daniel Jones, and just a year younger than Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Joe Burrow. Remember that when they try and put him among the greatest after tonight.”

Maybe it’s his age or just the five o’clock shadow.. but Stetson Bennett looks like he should be teaching Sunday School,” Jordan Connor tweeted.

How in the world is Stetson Bennett being overlooked as an NFL prospect? This “kid” had a cannon and seems to make all the throws. Does his age work against him?” Jon Simonsen tweeted.

[Photo credit: NFL Memes]

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