U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas speaks at a rally in support of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's reelection at Crossroads Church in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022. Syndication: The Oklahoman

During a congressional hearing regarding the NCAA’s rules on name, image, and likeness, Texas Gov. Ted Cruz spoke out against the idea of college athletes becoming employees of the university. But unfortunately for him, he seemed quite misinformed about the logistics of college athletics.

During the hearing, Ted Cruz brought up the thought of treating college athletes as university employees, suggesting that it would be “a very serious mistake.”

“There’s a big debate over whether student-athletes should be considered employees or not,” Cruz said during the congressional hearing this week. “I believe that would be a very serious mistake.”

“It would subject scholarships to taxation,” Cruz continued. “It would subject student-athletes to all sorts of wage and hour regulations. It would mean if suddenly you have a receiver who drops a bunch of passes, you could be fired and lose your scholarship. All of that seems really bad for college athletics.”

But as the social media world was quick to point out, many of the things that Cruz is describing – like players being “fired” and losing their scholarships due to lack of performance – are already happening in college sports, especially in FBS football.

The only difference is that currently, college athletes don’t have any of the protections that would come with employment.

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