Trent Dilfer

When Trent Dilfer was announced as the new head coach of the UAB Blazers, it turned a lot of heads. But a curious incident involving the Super Bowl winner and a cheerleader is not only turning heads but may cause some controversy before he even starts the job.

During the Blazers’ appearance in the Bahamas Bowl on Friday afternoon, Dilfer was seen on the sidelines showing off his Super Bowl ring to a UAB cheerleader. The exchange was made all the stranger by the fact that it didn’t appear that the cheerleader was asking to take a look.

That’s not a good look for a brand-new coach who is supposed to be setting an example for his players, Naturally, college fans noticed Dilfer’s flirtation and add their two cents to the conversation. Let’s just say the comments have been interesting.

“ESPN definitely just snitched on Trent Dilfer by showing him on the sideline trying to rizz up a UAB cheerleader by showing off his super bowl ring. that’s a crazy first look. hilarious start to the Bahamas Bowl” wrote one Twitter user. 

Definitely just saw Trent Dilfer trying to mack on [UAB] cheerleaders during whatever garbage bowl game this is. Like “Hey check out my Super Bowl ring,” wrote another.

It’s going to be interesting to see if anyone will have the courage to ask Dilfer what was happening on the sideline with the cheerleader.

The video looks harmless at first glance but you never know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Dilfer has started off well with his first impression as UAB’s head coach, but this is not a good look for him or the school especially knowing what took place a few weeks ago in the same state when Auburn hired Hugh Freeze as their head football coach.

Hopefully, nothing will come from this, but in the world of college football, you never know.


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