Dan Orlovsky fart Credit: ESPN

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky might have found himself in a precarious position on Tuesday.

The former Detroit Lions quarterback joined The Pat McAfee Show for a typical guest spot. Orlovsky’s appearance soon became anything but ordinary after an awkward moment transpired.

Orlovsky may have, well, farted during the broadcast. But it’s ambiguous.

Orlovsky joined the show to talk about Caitlin Clark and her Iowa Hawkeyes after their big win over LSU in the Elite Eight on Monday. However, things took a sharp and awkward turn after the former Lion might have experienced some flatulance.

Observers had their own thoughts on the situation.

ESPN’s Laura Rutledge said, “I mean this is a fart. There’s just no other way to look at it. Wow.”

“This is outrageous. OUTRAGEOUS!” CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley said.

“I am a child cause this whole interaction is just hilarious to me,” user James Geist said.

“This is absolutely a windshield wiper,” Denver reporter Arielle Orsuto said. “But the reactions are KILLING me,” Orsuto admitted.

Former punter Drew Butler stood up for his friend later. “I think it was the windshield wipers,” Butler said. But he added that “if it was a fart, and he was able to continue talking and remain calm and not even alter his breath the slightest, it is the most impressive fart ever.”

You be the judge.

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