Cadbury has been withholding Cadbury Oreo Eggs from the United States and that’s a delicious shame.

Every spring there are dozens of polls and lists ranking the top Easter candy options. Few will argue that Reese’s Easter Peanut Butter Eggs are the crowned champion (if they do argue, they’re wrong), but the Cadbury Creme Egg is always a crowd favorite. Some will say that the original Cadbury Creme Egg is so good it shouldn’t be tinkered with, but apparently Cadbury Oreo Eggs are a real thing found only in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sound too good to be true? Check out these photos from on Instagram:

Some ideas don’t look as good as they sound on paper, but these Cadbury Oreo Eggs look pretty awesome.

For now, Cadbury hasn’t discussed bringing this specific flavor to the U.S. even though it sounds like a guaranteed winner for the capital of junk food. Until then, Americans will have to hope some of their Canadian or U.K. friends can hook them up with this flavor of egg.

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