Domino's reindeer

This holiday season in Japan, reindeer won’t only be helping Santa Claus deliver gifts. They’ll also be helping Domino’s deliver pizza.

That’s right – Domino’s Japan is currently in the process of training reindeer to pull sleds full of fresh pizza around the island nation.

The reindeer-powered sleds will be fitted with the company’s GPS Driver Tracker that allows customers to watch the delivery in real time. Fittingly enough for December, the map will feature reindeer icons.

If the delivery humans dress up like Santa while accompanying the reindeer, kids may actually begin to believe that Santa is real.

It’s unclear if this delivery method will expand to other parts of the world. However, I’d assume it’s unlikely such a method would ever be allowed in the United States. Why’s that? Well, PETA would probably have something to say about.

This isn’t the first time Domino’s has added a new wrinkle to its delivery system either. Back in August, they announced a delivery drone. First robots, now reindeer…what’s next?


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