Taco Bell’s menu is mainly located with Mexican-style staples like burritos and tacos, but later this month, an American-inspired item will be popping up at locations across the country – French fries.

On Wednesday, Taco Bell started off the year by announcing that French Fries, which the fast food giant is dubbing as “Nacho Fries”, would be arriving at Taco Bell all over the United States.

The press release, which was reported on by Refinery 29, states the Nacho Fries will be “the most-anticipated menu item release of the year.”

Nacho Fries do pique my interest, and sound delicious (if cooked and seasoned properly).

Fries are a staple on the menu at Taco Bell locations in Canada, so the US is behind the eight-ball here. Canadian locations feature a variety of different types of fries, including (according to Taco Bell’s Canadian website) Fries Supreme (similar to nachos), Cheesy Fries (fries with cheese on them), Chili Cheese Fries (self explanatory), and normal fries.

This also won’t be the first time the fries will be in the states either. A year ago, a location in southern California near Taco Bell’s corporate headquarters tested fries on its menu. Customers could try fries two different ways, either plain with habanero seasoning or a a “loaded” style with beef, pico de gallo, sour cream, and nacho cheese.

The new Nacho Fries will make their way into Taco Bells around the United States on January 25th, and will initially only cost $1 in an effort to promote the item. However, fans will be able to turn them into Supreme ($2.49) or Bell Grande ($3.49) fries for an additional cost.

Taco Bell also said the Nacho Fries are the first of 20 $1 menu items the chain is introducing in 2018. What else will the chain introduce to that menu? Who knows, but I wouldn’t put my money on hamburgers, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs.

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