How in the world did we make it this long without someone mass-marketing a pink, rainbow-sprinkled donut like the one that Homer Simpson adores more than life itself?

Technically, you’ve been able to get the iconic dessert for years at the Lard Lad Donuts at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando. But beyond that, you had to make it yourself in order to eat like your favorite over-eater. That is, until now (kinda).

Krispy Kreme has announced the release of “The Simpsons” D’ohnut, a glazed doughnut dipped in strawberry flavored white chocolate truffle and topped with sprinkles, just as you’ve always imagined it. The treat comes with its very own special packaging featuring Homer lounging in a sea of donuts just like he probably does every night in his dreams. It’s sure to be a collectible item for years to come, although we can’t vouch for how long the actual donut will remain edible.

Now for the catch: The D’ohnut will only be available at Krispy Kreme Australia stores and 7-Eleven stores in Australia until the end of April. So if you’re in North America and need to get your hands on one of these ASAP, you better book that flight right now. Hope you’ve set aside plenty of emergency donut money for such an occasion (Or, you know, just book a trip to Universal Studios).

According to Krispy Kreme Australia’s Facebook page, “Inspiration for our Simpsons D’ohnut comes directly from the show and Homer Simpson’s favorite treat. Our creation has been officially approved by the Simpsons team.” It sounds like right issues might be the main reason the promotion is restricted to Australia for now.

Surely the fine folks involved in this promotion will recognize the excitement and interest that it could generate around the globe and we’ll all get the chance to be gluttons soon enough. Not that we need help in that department.


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