Chocolate Chip Oreos

In May, Oreo released two fruity flavored editions of their famous cookies sandwich. The Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp cookie sandwiches weren’t the first fruity Oreos and probably won’t be the last.

In an effort to maybe go back to their sugary roots (not that the blueberry and fruity flavored ones aren’t loaded with sugar), Oreo announced a new chocolate chip cookiewich recently.

Some people were ecstatic when they heard the news.

Others were merely underwhelmed.

The new cookies are already being sold in stores across the United States.

“New Choco Chip Flavored OREO cookies feature a first-ever dual-flavored wafer — golden and chocolate — with chocolate chip creme inside to bring back that warm, fuzzy feeling of your childhood home,” an Oreo spokesman told TIME.

Nabisco revealed the flavor in Los Angeles at its Oreo Wonder Vault on July 11th, but the cookies had already appeared in New York earlier this year.

While the chocolate chip cookie flavor is normal, here are five flavors I debated would be an interesting change of pace to an extent for Nabisco back in May.

Peach Pie Oreos

Just like the blueberry pie Oreos, these will be filled with a peach cream and sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies. Peaches are mostly available and good in the summer, so these are perfect for pairing up with a blueberry pie stack to bring to the beach.

Tomato Mozzarella

Unlike every other Oreo out there, this Oreo will be savory instead of sweat. The cookie will have a tomato flavor too it with a hint of basil. The cream sandwiched between the cookies will be mozzarella flavored to simulate an actual tomato with mozzarella.

Buffalo Chicken

To continue the savory theme, these will be the first Oreos that have a kick. The cookies will counteract the buffalo and spicy flavored cream in the middle so as to not overload the eater with too much heat. Additionally, the spicy cream in the middle will have blue cheese flakes inside of it.

Funnel Cake Oreos

Going back to the sweet theme, deep fried Oreos are delicious so these funnel cake Oreos will attempt to simulate the taste of a deep fried Oreo without having to actually fry the cookie. The crackers will be a little savory while the cream inside will be perfectly sweet.

Apple Pie Oreos

What’s more American than apple pie? Nothing. So there should be apple pie Oreos it’s that simple. Yes there are already caramel apple pie Oreos, but these will have more cinnamon.

And just for the fun of it, here are two more strange options that I could see Nabisco making one day:

Coffee Oreos

How is this not already a thing? There have been variations of a coffee Oreo and some that reportedly taste like coffee, but not a specifically flavored coffee cookie. Think about it, the actual cookies taste like coffee and then, my goodness, the cream in the middle does too!

Maple Syrup or Pancake or Waffle Oreos

How about just a breakfast Oreo? It can be maple syrup, pancake, or waffle flavored – that doesn’t matter. It would just be nice to have an Oreo that is some sort of breakfast flavor so that it would give people a better excuse to eat Oreos for breakfast.

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