Pirates PNC park food Credit: MLB

Would you smash or would you pass? That question became prominent in the MLB world on Tuesday. The Pittsburgh Pirates ignited a debate on a new food item the team will sell at PNC Park this coming season.

Dubbed “The Renegade,” the Pirates will sell a footlong hot dog that features pot roast, pickles, onions, and pierogis, a Pittsburgh staple, on top.

“Who think sthey could eat the entire thing?” MLB’s X account asked.

The post jumped off and caught reactions from just about everybody who wanted to engage.

“Would try,” former NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz said.

“Ditch the pickles, hot dog, and bun. Then, we’re fine,” Louisville sports anchor Tyler Greever said.

“Summertime in Pittsburgh with a ball game, this, and a fizzy beverage? Let’s do it,” Jessica Brand said.

Some people didn’t feel the same about it though!

“Pot roast and hot dogs do not go together,” one user said.

Another user took issue with something else.

“Ok, we need clarification as to what a ‘hot dog’ is. When your ingredients outnumber the item that is based on, it’s no longer a hot dog. It’s an item with a hot dog in it,” one user said.

“They lost me at the pot roast,” user Dr. Chuck said.


And emphatically, Luke Epplin said, “Let’s face it: Social media was the worst thing that happened to food since the invention of ranch dressing.”

What would you do?


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