The next time you go to a Subway to pick up a lunch or dinner on the go, the experience may be quite different from the Subway you have come to know and love over the years. In an effort to try and make the sandwich ordering process more streamlined, Subway is introducing new kiosks to place your order rather than have you stand in line to place your order ingredient by ingredient at the counter in assembly line fashion.

“We’ve created a modern design that gives our guests choices – from how they order, to how they pick up their food, to how they enjoy their meal,” said Trevor Haynes, Vice President of Operations at Subway in a released statement. “The reactions from our guests, our franchisees, and the Sandwich Artists has been incredibly positive.”

And really, what’s not to like about this idea?

Sure, Gizmodo hates it because it’s a new idea infringing on the traditional Subway experience. You know what, though? I say that’s a good thing. There is a nice little feeling getting to pick out each ingredient with your sandwich maker as you move down the counter. But you know what’s not enjoyable? Having to sit behind some other customer in the same line and waiting for them to decide whether or not they want pickles on their sandwich and asking the difference between some of the condiment options available to them.

Maybe it’s the impatient Philly in me who wants to place my order and move on speaking, but I love the idea of being able to craft my sandwich with all of the options in front of me on a touchscreen and submitting my order. I find it convenient. I don’t have to wait for other customers to have their sandwich handcrafted before their eyes. I can go in, place my order and patiently wait for it in the order it was received. This especially comes in handy for those who have a regular order.

I don’t go to Subway for the experience of gazing at the options on the counter. I’m there to order a sandwich, and the faster I can get to eating my sandwich, the better.


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