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An argument between co-workers is not all that uncommon, and sometimes those debates get a little heated. When one rift between employees at a Taco Bell in South Carolina got a little too heated, one employee started using a burrito as an assault weapon, and now police have issued a warrant for the arrest for alleged assault with a burrito.

The alleged burrito assault took place in Spartanburg, South Carolina when one Taco Bell employee lost it after being told to “stop being a crybaby” during a disagreement with other employees. What exactly was being discussed that led to the burrito assault has not been reported, but the suspect certainly was not in a place to take it any longer. After removing his headset and smashing it on his knee, he allegedly began using a burrito as a weapon, which seems like a horrible choice in itself.

A burrito can’t do much damage other than spray melted cheese and meat and lettuce all over the place. The most harm a burrito is probably going to do is require a few napkins. Unless that cheese and meat was scalding hot (which it likely wasn’t considering this is a Taco Bell), the damage done was likely minimal. If nothing else, the rest of the Taco Bell staff has a reason to laugh at what is likely soon to be an ex-co-worker if he is not already a former employee yet.

Oddly enough, the choice to use a burrito as a weapon is not an original idea. In 2013, a Florida man was arrested for assaulting a 16-year old boy with a burrito. This particular incident, naturally, took place in a Taco Bell. That burrito assaulter was charged with battery and was booked into a county jail. Here’s hoping the only meal he was served was a burrito, for the sake of irony.

In 2016, a couple in Florida also got into a heated argument that led to the wide wailing on her husband with a burrito. She got the worst of the altercation though after being stabbed in the hand with a fork. And guess what. That incident also took place in a Taco Bell.

The next time you go to Taco Bell, watch out for flying burritos.

[FOX Carolina/Photo: Taco Bell]

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