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Jay Arnold briefly played college football for Texas A&M but his food takes might be what he becomes best known for.

Like so many of us, the former college football player has been sharing his food thoughts on the internet thanks to social media and a Subtack newsletter. While he tends to focus on BBQ, he made some time recently to share what goes through his mind, or doesn’t go through his mind, when he’s in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell.

“Taco Bell is the only fast food place I roll up to with no ordering game plan. I just let the menu speak to me. The Bell will tell me what I need. My mouth may be moving but I am just the instrument of a supreme design,” wrote Arnold on Thursday.

“This was not just a way of justifying accidentally spending $20 at Taco Bell for lunch today,” he later added.

Those relatable thoughts went viral and many others around the sports world chimed in with their own reactions to how it made them think about their own Taco Bell cravings.

“This is poetry,” said Smart Football editor Chris B. Brown.

“I’ve never related to a tweet more,” replied sports anchor Gabe McDonald.

“(…sigh..) me too.” wrote Colorado Avalanche studio anchor Kyle Keefe.

“I order in money vs quantity. Give me $10 in meximelts, $5 in soft tacos, and I got 5 left to make as many of this supreme as I can,” wrote Texas A&M blogger cuppycup.

The Bell tells us all what we need and what to do.

[Jay Arnold]

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