Around this time last year, we wrote about Taco Bell coming up with a Kit Kat quesadilla being unveiled in the UK. The Chocodilla was exactly what it was called, a quesadilla that was filled with chocolate and Kit Kats instead of cheese.

Now, it seems like this monstrosity is coming to the United States. Some Taco Bells in Wisconsin are being used as test markets for the new item. Some locations will have a Twix quesadilla. In the United States, it will be called the Chocoladilla likely in order to avoid potential infringement of Chocodiles.

Look, I love Taco Bell and most of their food tastes good. No, I’m not in the bathroom 24/7 and I am not 400 pounds. But even I have limits and one of them is this Chocoladilla. I love Kit Kats and I love quesadillas, doesn’t mean I love them together.

Taco Bell is also planning on testing out a vanilla iced coffee, which seems like a conventional iced coffee. Both the coffee and the Chocoladilla is going to be $1. If anything, I’ll go with the iced coffee. You can keep the Chocoladilla.

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