If you decided to sleep last night, then you probably missed out on your chance to get a Super NES Classic when it launches. Preorders for the Super NES Classic went live on Best Buy’s website around 1 AM ET and were sold out within the next half hour. Those in the West coast lucked out as preorders opened at 10 PM but if you’re in the East and go to bed at a typically normal hour, you snooze, you lose.

Buzz for the SNES Classic has been hot since the day it was announced, and presales were expected to go quickly. The only surprise here may be that preorders sold out as slowly as they did, although it did occur overnight when a good percentage of consumers were sleeping or simply not in a position to even think about the presales. The anticipation for the Super NES Classic has been revved up with new promo videos form Nintendo sharing new details about the latest retro-themed throwback novelty.

The Super NES Classic will allow players to create save states at any point, creating the opportunity to return to any game at a difficult spot without having to get to a regular check point. Or, it allows a player to restart a difficult spot without having to backtrack too far to the last checkpoint. For some games, this will be a welcome addition. You can also have multiple save states, which can come in handy.

But save states were expected, as they were included on the NES Classic as well. What is new to the SNES Classic is the rewind feature, allowing you to rewind your game play a few seconds to allow you a chance to dodge that fireball you missed on the screen, or to pass a car a little cleaner instead of bumping into the wall. Use your imagination, but there have been countless times when you wish you could go back a few seconds to redo a certain move. This is a feature that some emulators have been able to implement over the years on the computer, but this is the first time a Nintendo console has had it available.

The Super NES Classic is also adding in some display options to have unique borders filling the black space around the game screen on your HD TV, but these add nothing to the game. It is similar to how the Super Game Boy worked. The Super Game Boy was an accessory that allowed you to play Game Boy games on the TV using your SNES. It had the ability to use custom borders around the game on the screen, and players could use their art skills using a Super NES controller to create their own borders. Mario Paint, it was not.

With Nintendo of America putting out new promo information about the Super NES Classic, it should be expected preorders will be going live with other retailers soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you are on the lookout for a Super NES Classic reservation. And maybe shoot me a message to let me know they are live. With any luck, we’ll be awake for the moment next time.

If you can’t get your hands on a pre-sale order, you can try your luck at the stores on September 29. Nintendo has said there will be more Super NES Classic units available than the NES Classic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy to find one. They’re already going quickly.


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