With Hurricane Matthew making its way toward Florida, there seems to be a mass exodus of sorts away from areas in the Sunshine state that will be affected by the megastorm.

However, one Florida man — of course — decided the storm was worth battling through for the sake of the fallen gorilla Harambe (and to get 15 minutes of fame). In the middle of a West Palm Beach news station’s live report from a local beach, a man got into the reporter’s shot and yelled out the battle cry “Dicks out for Harambe”:

Before this man disrupted the live shot, he appeared to be out on the beach taking pictures. This guy is just full of smart moves.

While it might be a funny joke, it’s hard to not feel sorry for the reporter. She’s already having to brave through a nasty storm, and now she has bros disrupting her work for Harambe.

The reporter’s co-workers quickly came to her defense back in the studio. One anchor quickly cracked a joke about the guys’ collective intelligence, which is incredibly spot-on. But this pretty much proves that people will battle through hurricanes to salute their lost friend, Harambe.


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