Kangaroos can be dangerous. They may not try to be but just like deer in the United States, with their speed and size, kangaroos could cause a lot of damage if you aren’t careful. This cyclist got wrecked by a hopping kangaroo coming out of nowhere.


That looked like something that Jim Ross would broadcast. The kangaroo was seemingly fine after flying through the air and even landed on their feet as they hopped away. The cyclist appeared to be knocked out cold. And that would be a possibility when someone is hit by a couple hundred pound animal traveling at full speed.

The danger of hitting kangaroos is real in other parts of Australia. For instance, at the Bathurst 12 Hour race, a location that is out in the country, the track once employed snipers to shoot kangaroos as a last resort if they looked like they were going to run on the track. Because hitting a kangaroo at 150 mph would kill the kangaroo anyway. Shooting it would at least lower the danger among the drivers in danger of hitting one while on track.

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